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Horrocks aiming for international fight career

Rob Horrocks (18-3, 9KO) has been involved with fight sports for 20 years, first competing as a junior in England.

The 31-year-old moved to New Zealand six years ago, settling eventually in Queenstown, where he now heads the Fight Science Muay Thai team.

Last Saturday, March 27, Horrocks defeated three opponents in one night to win the 68kg King in the Ring title. He defeated his first two opponents by TKO before going to a four-round decision with New Zealand kickboxing veteran Kayne Conlan.

Fight News’ Harry Greenfield asked Rob a few questions following his tournament victory.

Hi Rob. Congrats on the tournament win. Your final bout with Kayne Conlan was one for the ages. Was that the toughest fight you’ve had?

“It was definitely my hardest fight of recent times, yeah. He was smashing my nose, but the rest of my body felt fine.

“He was a really tough fight, you know, but I felt in control. He wasn’t hurting me with the shots, it was just my nose that was real sore.”

What happened with your nose, was it broken?

“Yep. I broke my nose a few weeks ago in training, so I was saying to my corner to be prepared for it to get obliterated, haha. I’ve got two ....(CONTINUED)